Hemp Textiles

It is now well known that hemp fibers were historically the most popular fiber for making clothes, jeans, ropes, canvas sails for boats, and lots of other items. But due to prohibition laws, as well as the rise in the industrial use of cotton, followed by synthetic fibers, hemp could no longer compete. Hemp textiles could only be imported from Asia, where it was most often grown with chemicals. We are now working with our partners to reintroduce chemical free textile fibers, using existing technologies. Currently, our cooperative is conducting several research & development programs. We have been able to produce high quality short fibers for textiles, as well as cottonized fibers.

Starting From the Field

If the technique is based on an exact science, we are aware that this gamble can only be done by mastering the methods for cultivation and harvesting in defined conditions that will echo the control and plant processing over all the yarn processing and production steps. For this reason, our potential customers expect our cooperative to use the maximum capacity of nature to supply them with an optimal product so that they can make a wide range of yarns for furnishing and clothing fabrics.