A Story of Regenerative Agriculture

Chanvra Materials has regenerative agriculture at its roots, and was born from a desire to transform a 108 acre landbase along the coast of Lake Michigan into an ecological paradise and thriving bioeconomy.
We created an innovation site for the development of a regenerative agricultural land plan that we called Hemp Agroforestry, and began to make contact with some of the biggest players in the biomaterial industry. We wanted to prepare the markets for the kind of materials that this style of regenerative agriculture could produce. And so our radically local beginnings ultimately led to a partnership with the world's most advanced minds in the field of natural biomaterials.

The Agricultural Cooperative Model & The Transitional Supply Chain Initiative

We learned a lot along the way, and we now believe that the cooperative model developed by our partner farmers is the key to building socially responsible processing centers for resilient bioeconomies and biomaterials, as we first envisioned. We decided to set forth on a transitional supply chain initiative. We made a commitment to the cooperative model, where farmers- and not corporations- are in financial control of the crop processing. In biomaterial industries such as ours, this is very important, because the processing of bast fibers is a very sophisticated and expensive process. The processing would be an ideal point for a mega corporation to insert itself and monopolize the marketplace, if the farmers do not band together and control the processing themselves. Fortunately, this has been the successful model in parts of France since the 60's (and even longer since those farmers come from a lineage whose ancestors never stopped cultivating industrial hemp). This is the only style of hemp fiber production that we wish to see in America, and we are sure that the Founding Fathers of this country would think the same. The gifts that industrial hemp and similar biomaterials bring to us are a gift that belongs to the people!

Our Transitional Supply Chain Initiative is a long term, 50+ year plan where a network of agricultural cooperatives- locally managed and locally owned- is established. The best way that we can support this initiative is to support the market for high quality hemp materials that are responsibly produced. As this market grows, the processing and cultivation can continually improve, grow, and move closer to each end user. That is how we can build a bioeconomy, and that is the intention behind our ChanvraCore, ChanvraPet, and ChanvraGrow brands!

The Leaders of Quality & Reliability

It hasn't always been easy working in the young American hemp marketplace, which has been both uncertain and highly competitive. We had to learn to leverage the things we were good at, while accepting the realities of the things we weren't best at. And while we weren't always the best at being the cheapest, we found we could always produce the best Quality materials. And that is what the Chanvra brands are here to do: to the set the standard of Quality.  If it comes from Chanvra, then it's only going to be the best. Look for the leaf!