Chanvra Core: High Performance Hemp Hurds

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Our Hemp Hurds are Renowned Throughout the World as the Benchmark Standard of Quality

Hemp hurds are the highly absorbent core of the hemp stem. This is what is left over after the fibers have been harvested to make our Raw Chanvra Hemp Mats, and it is a very useful material. Since the fibers (which is the bark of the plant) have different absorption properties than the hurds (core), it is important to efficiently separate these two parts of the plant, in order to maximize the benefits of their contrary properties. Our process is a clean and thorough separation, leaving behind almost no fiber, and producing a finished material with a beautiful light, gold color (which is also synonymous with no mold). Our standard of Quality is the highest in the world, and conforms to these basic principles:

  • Minimal dust levels (Rigorously Mechanically Dedusted)
  • Uniform Particle Size
  • Optimal moisture content
  • Constan Density
  • A Fresh Smell and no Faults

Our Grades of Hemp Hurd

Construction Grade

We specialize in supplying high grade hemp hurds that can be certified for construction. Learn more about building with hemp here.

Bedding Grade

Our Aubiose hemp hurds are made specifically for animals and are revolutionizing the animal care industry as a high performance bedding.

Fine Grade Hemp Hurds

Our fine grade hemp hurd is a much smaller particle size which is useful for many applications requiring high absorbency.

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Available by the Pallet or Truckload

15 tons per truckload; 924 lbs per pallet