Growing Medium

The current choices for growing medium and potting soil are environmentally problematic. Topsoil levels are eroding from agricultural areas like the US Midwest at alarming levels. Peat bogs are highly diverse and important ecosystems, which are destroyed when the peat moss is harvested for growing medium. Hemp is thus attractive as an alternative growing medium, as it is easily renewable. Not only that, but our studies have shown that hemp fibers function as a high performance growing medium because of their hydrological properties. As they do in nature, hemp fibers will only slowly absorb water, meaning that the water is gradually and evenly available for plants. For this and other reasons, this material is becoming popular as a growing medium for wheatgrass & microgreens, in the form of nonwoven hemp mats. This young market provides the necessary support for research and development. We are exploring how hemp fibers can help other horticultural industries such as the nursery industry and much more.

Hemp Mulch

Our hemp hurds are popular as a high performance mulch. Just a light layer of hemp hurds cast over the soil surrounding plants will have a noticeable effect on plant growth. The absorption capacity of the hemp will help retain water. Importantly, hemp hurds have a neautral PH, so they will not alter the soil PH.

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