High Performance Hemp Animal Bedding

Our hemp first became popular as a high performance animal bedding. First recognized by vets as a viable solution for horses with respiratory sensitivities, our hemp bedding is now revolutionizing the animal care industry. Many health issues are caused, at root, from pathogens found in low grade bedding materials, after they have been soiled. Our hemp bedding solves these problems. Due to the highly absorbent properties of our specialty hemp hurds, liquids are sucked to the bottom of the bed, which keeps the top warm, dry and comfortable for the animal. Odours are dramatically reduced or eliminated, while dust is minimal compared to other bedding options.

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Hemp Horse Bedding Systems

Extremely popular for horse stables and competing horses

Hemp Bedding for Chickens

An excellent solution for easy Chicken Coop care, our AubiChick hemp bedding is designed for the comfort of chickens and poultry.

Hemp Bedding Super System for Pet Cages

Combined with our nonwoven hemp mats, our hemp hurds provide an ideal solution for pet cages. The mat and the hempshive bedding- and their complimentary hydro properties - combine to make the perfect cage environment.

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