Chanvra Core: Building Grade Certified Hemp Hurds

What is Hempcrete?

Hempcrete is a building material that has been increasingly recognized as a cost competitive and healthy alternative to conventional construction materials. Hempcrete walls are a breathable, carbon sequestering, oxygen building system that create a healthy indoor environment. Hempcrete can be used to create healthy structures in any range from small off-grid cabins to large commercial buildings.

A Hemp Wall is Only as Good as the Raw Chanvra its Made From

The leaders of the international hemp building industry have determined that the Quality of a Hempcrete mix is directly correlated to the Quality of the Raw Materials used in the mix. The Construire en Chancre (CenC) label was developed to create a professional and standardized level of Quality for hempshives for hempcretes. 

In other words, in the field of professional construction, we require reliable materials with a guaranteed performance. We cannot cut corners with building materials. In hempcrete construction in particular, we require materials with a reliably low dust content and consistent particle size. The CenC certificate is a guarantee of these necessary qualities, which include:

-Controlled granulometry (Average Particle Size: 1/4"-1/2")

-Minimal dust level (Rigorously Mechanically Dedusted)

-Optimal moisture content,

-Constant Bulk Density.

- Light Color (Synonymous with no mold)

Our Chanvra Core (aka Kanabat) is the only brand on the US market grown to the Quality level demanded by the CenC certificate. And beyond, Chanvra Core is grown, processed, and stored to the highest standards in the world, with continuous internal and external controls to ensure reliability.

What About Binders?

To make hempcrete, Chanvra Core hemp hurds are mixed with a binder. Most hempcretes utilize a lime binder, and Chanvra Core is validated with most lime-based binders in terms of performance required by the French Hemp Building Professional Rules. But did you know that the earliest hempcrete recipes utilized just raw clay as a binder? This process can still be done today, and though it requires a greater amount of work and attention to the drying process, it is a cheaper and more natural option. Our team has experimented with recreating this ancient recipe and noticed outstanding results. Whichever binder you choose, Chanvra Core has you covered!

Request a Quote for Your Project

For smaller projects, you can order our Kanabat Hempshives by the pallet direct from our New York or Michigan warehouses. There are 21 bales (44 lb. bales) of Kanabat per pallet, and each bale equates to about 6 cubic feet of wall (dependent upon the mixing method, type of binder, etc).

For full residential or commercial builds, it is recommended to order by the full 40' container load direct to your job site. There are approximately 14.5 tons per container (660 x 44 lb. bales). A full container would produce about 5280 cubic feet of wall (estimate only). 

To request a quote for your Hempcrete project, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with as much detailed information as possible. A member of our team will contact you as soon as your quote has been received, and check available logistics rates and options. We will reply with a detailed quote, including delivery and customs clearance. Our knowledgeable and experienced Logistics team will keep you updated throughout the whole transportation process. For further questions or comments, please fill in the "message" box, or Contact Us directly. We appreciate your interest! : )