Resources for Hemp Processors

Organize Your Supply Chain and Scale up Your Operation

 Our unique partnerships with advanced French processors can assist the scaling of your operation. We are seeking partner processors to develop a network of facilities around North America that can meet the demands of our specific, high grade specifications. Join us in importing the most developed protocols, expertise, and machinery to the North American industrial hemp supply chain. 

Supply Chain Organization

Chanvra Materials has developed a network of market outlets across North America with the intention of assisting our American processors with that ever-present challenge: finding buyers. Our strategy is to build market channels using established supplies that- though temporarily dependent upon importation- can eventually be supplied locally by American processors. Due to our efforts, there may be ready buyers in your area that you are unaware of. Alternatively, we have developed expertise in approaching potential buyers and can assist you in securing purchases from local buyers that can be easily serviced. Our market specialties include the equestrian industry, the horticulral industry, the pet industry, the construction industry, the automotive industry, and a number of other channels. Our support helps you focus on what you do best: producing a Quality finished product.

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