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Chanvra Core Hemp hurd


Hemp hurds are the highly absorbent core of the hemp stem. This is what is left over after the fibers have been harvested to make our Raw Chanvra Hemp Mats. Since the fibers (which is the bark of the plant) have different material properties than the hurds (core), it is important to efficiently separate these two parts of the plant, in order to maximize the benefits of their contrary properties.

Our decortication process is a clean and thorough separation, leaving behind almost no fiber, and producing a finished hurd material with a light, golden color (which is synonymous with no mold). Our unique standard of Quality is the highest in the world, and conforms to these basic principles, as established by the French Hemp Building Professional Rules:

  • Minimal dust levels (Rigorously Mechanically Dedusted)
  • Uniform Particle Size
  • Optimal moisture content
  • Constant Density

Agricultural Grade

Our Aubiose hemp grade hemp hurds are considered the gold standard of bedding for animals and small pets.

Fine Grade Hemp Hurds

Our fine grade hemp hurd is a much smaller particle size which is useful for many applications.

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