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Our support - Viable Fiber Hemp Planting seed

The most immediate and direct way we can help support your hemp production enterprise is by supplying the highest quality planting seeds available. Our selected cultivars are produced by an experienced team based in the heart of the hemp growing region of France, with an established, high performance industrial facility and laboratory, dedicated to selecting the highest quality seeds on a year-to-year basis. The most advanced hemp growing center in all of the world, we can always count on this hub to be on top of the latest developments in seed selection as well as general biomaterial innovation. Chanvra is your bridge to this expertise!

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A Transitional Supply Chain Strategy

Cooperative Model

We are committed to the agricultural cooperative model, where farmers- and not corporations- are in financial control of the crop processing. This is the proven model in the hemp growing regions of France, and we are sure this is the model Jefferson would like to see if he were here today! This model carries into our business development and informs the way we build partnerships in the marketplace. We build partnerships with businesses who share our cooperative values to grow the distribution arm of the company.

Our model has far reaching consequences and that is intentional. We are here to do much more than simply grow a crop and produce a product. At our core, we are here to regenerate the agricultural landscape of North America; to heal the waters by healing our relationship with the land. And though we love industrial hemp (or better known as The Chanvra), we understand that it is simply a vehicle that is helping us to reach a far
greater destination. The destination is a sovereign landscape, where the people can produce the materials they need from what is around them. The waters flow freely and healthfully, food is abundant and grows both
in the trees and out in the fields. 

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