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The Chanvra Hemp Bedding Catalog

Chanvra introduced the gold standard Aubiose hemp bedding brand to the US market, which now includes the extra absorbent "AubiChick" line. We also sell Aubiose hemp bedding in smaller bags called "AubiZoo" for pets, and these can be purchased together with our hemp mats. The mat and the AubiZoo litter together solve both your bedding and nesting needs, and their complimentary hydro properties make the perfect pet cage environment!

Click Here to Order Aubiose Aubiose Works for Pets, Chickens, and Horses
Click Here to Order AubiChick This Product is Designed for the Maximum Comfort of Chickens

Benefits of our Unique Hemp Bedding Brands

The Chanvra Pet Mat | 100% Natural, Chemcial / Addidtive Free Hemp

Safe and sanitary comfort for the whole pet family

Hemp Nutrition For Pets

Chanvra Materials is an advocate of the Herbacious Hemp brand, which is grown by a co-op of small Canadian farmers.

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