Hemp Fibers & Non Woven Material

The bark -or cell wall- of the hemp plant, hemp fiber is perhaps the most diverse material on the planet. 

Hemp Nonwoven Mats

Chanvra Materials specializes in nonwoven matting made from hemp fiber. Our simple process, utilizing spun hemp fibers, creates a multi-purpose material which is 100% natural. This high performance material can be used in any range, from a simple wheatgrass grow mat to sophisticated automotive parts. 

Nonwovens consist of webs or mats of fibres arranged randomly and bonded by mechanical action. They can be used for thermo-compression processing or thermoset converting processes such as SMC, RTM, infusion, pultrusion or hand lay-up. The random fibre arrangement gives isotropic mechanical properties to the final material (e.g. composite). Hemp biocomposites are at the cutting edge of sustainable technology, and this raw material is the starting point!

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ChanvraGrow Nonwoven Products: Growing Microgreens on Hemp Mats & More
A Hydroponic Microgreen Mat made from 100% Hemp Non Woven Fiber

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A Diverse Range of Fibers

We offer a diverse range of raw-unprocessed hemp fibers alongside our nonwovens.

  • Long Fibers
  • Short Fibers (textile grade)
  • Retted or Unretted (Yellow)
  • Cottonized Fibers



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