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Benefits of our Grow Mats for Microgreens, Mulching, & More

Completely Natural; No Additives Required: 100% hemp and nothing else! Hemp is naturally PH neutral and perfectly suited as a horticultural medium in its unprocessed state. While other natural fibers require treatments and additives before you can use them for growing, our process requires nothing more than simply spinning the raw hemp fibers into an easy to use hemp mat. Some growers even prefer to use the un-spun hemp fibers as a maneuverable growing medium, and this works too! Contact us for details.

High Absorption, Reduced Watering Times: Hemp is renowned for its absorbing qualities. Hemp fibers in particular have both absorbing and moisture repelling properties, meaning that the mats will slowly absorb and slowly release moisture for your plants.

Higher Yields: Grow mats are easier to work with, both in the tray preparation stage as well as the harvest. Aside from the decreased mess- compared to soil and peat- having a clean mat to work with has many benefits. In particular, you will notice increased yields, and an ability to cleanly access more of your crop.

Fully Compostable: Not only do our mats break down much faster than other growing mediums, but they also add a valuable source of carbon to your compost pile!

Ecologically Renewable: Are other growing mediums such as peat moss and soil really cheaper than hemp? Peat bogs are a valuable ecological environment, and once the peat is harvested, they are gone. Even soil- though renewable- is a rapidly vanishing resoure. Agricultural topsoil across the world is eroding at much faster rates than it can be replenished. With hemp growing medium, our purchases support ecological and cultural regeneration, and the more hemp production facilities that come online, the cheaper the raw materials can become. Eventually, there is no reason hemp should not be as cheap as commodities like soil and peat moss, but we have to start somewhere

Request a Custom Order: Loose Fill and custom cuts

Our Mats and Fibers are Adaptable to a Wide Variety of Growing Systems

Custom Cut Orders

Our hemp shop, based on our permaculture farm in southwest Michigan, can produce custom cuts to meet your spec. To request a custom quote, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and indicate your dimension in the questions/comment section.
Loose Aggregate Hemp Fiber

While regular hydroponic systems utilize our hemp growing mats, more innovative, deep systems may call for raw hemp fiber as a growing medium. For these systems, we recommend a custom cut hemp mat placed over a plug of raw hemp fiber.
Microgreens in a Cup
Innovative ways to Grow with Our Fibers

Our close colleague, Chris Huntoon of First Microgreenery, has been utilizing this technique with success for many years now. See here the "microgreens in a cup", grown on 100% hemp fiber. Inquire further by requesting a quote below.


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