Chanvra Materials

A Wholesale Biomaterials Company Guided by Four Defining Principles


Chanvra Materials is committed to offering the absolute best natural materials on the market. All of our brands feature the highest quality hemp materials in the contemporary marketplace, based on our teams' deep expertise with crop processing, field management, and the entire cultivation process from seed to the shelf. Our finished products are recognizable in their own right, simply because of their Quality. They perform with reliable consistency, and our clients count on us as the go-to source for "natural materials that work". Indeed, not only do we ensure that our materials "work", but that they are also the healthiest option for you, your family, your coworkers. We are committed to some of the highest standards of regenerative agriculture, and utilize no chemicals to produce our supreme products.

Cooperative Model

We are committed to the agricultural cooperative model, where farmers- and not corporations- are in financial control of the crop processing. This model carries into our business development and informs the way we build partnerships in the marketplace. We build partnerships with businesses who share our cooperative values to grow the distribution arm of the company.

Transitional Supply Chain

Armed with our proven cooperative model, we are committed to enriching the bioeconomy of North America by introducing the most advanced practices for industrial hemp production. Even if our materials must be imported to America in the beginning, we will propagate our cooperative model to develop locally owned processing cooperatives, designed after our successful cooperative model.

Ecological & Cultural Regeneration

Our model has far reaching consequences and that is intentional. We are here to do much more than simply grow a crop and produce a product. At our core, we are here to regenerate the agricultural landscape of North America; to heal the waters by healing our relationship with the land. And though we love industrial hemp (or better known as The Chanvra), we understand that it is simply a vehicle that is helping us to reach a far greater destination. The destination is a sovereign landscape, where the people can produce the materials they need from what is around them. The waters flow freely and healthfully, food is abundant and grows both in the trees and out in the fields.

A Story of Regenerative Agriculture

Chanvra Materials has regenerative agriculture at its roots, and was born from a desire to transform a 108 acre landbase along the coast of Lake Michigan into an ecological paradise and thriving bioeconomy.
We created an innovation site for the development of a regenerative agricultural land plan that we called Hemp Agroforestry, and began to make contact with some of the biggest players in the biomaterial industry. We wanted to prepare the markets for the kind of materials that this style of regenerative agriculture could produce. And so our radically local beginnings ultimately led to a partnership with the world's most advanced minds in the field of natural biomaterials.