ChanvraGrow Hemp Mulch Matting

ChanvraGrow Hemp Mulch Matting Roll (246')

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Description :

An ideal weed blocking mat for your garden. Not for microgreens.

Standard Roll Dimensions: 246'x20"x5mm (custom cuts available!)
Standard Density: 750 g/sqm


Also known as Raw Chanvra: The Material of your Vision!

This nonwoven hemp matting could be the most versatile material on the planet. A natural, minimally processed product that can be formed into nearly anything; and is growing in popularity in high-tech industries (the automotive industry in particular).

Nonwovens consist of webs or mats of fibres arranged randomly and bonded by mechanical action. They can be used for thermo-compression processing or thermoset converting processes such as SMC, RTM, infusion, pultrusion or hand lay-up. The random fibre arrangement gives isotropic mechanical properties to the final material (e.g. composite). Hemp biocomposites are at the cutting edge of sustainable technology, and this raw material is the starting point!

Need a particular specification? Our mechanical expertise can meet a broad range of requirements! Contact Us for a custom quote.


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