eptile Carpet Terrarium Liner Rug - Rodent / Small Pet Cage Nesting Pad
eptile Carpet Terrarium Liner Rug - Rodent / Small Pet Cage Nesting Pad

Chanvra Pet All Purpose Hemp Mat for Nesting, Sleeping, Reptile Carpet, & More | FREE SHIPPING

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Description :

The Chanvra Pet Hemp Mat is a comfortable, all-natural cage / terrarium liner made from 100% naturally cultivated hemp fibers. Our hemp is chemical-free and contains no waxes or additives. Fully compostable and biodegradable; eatable and digestable.

Suitable for reptiles and any caged animal.

Stimulates Nesting Instincts: The Chanvra Pet hemp mat will stimulate natural rodent instincts to bite fibers and build a cozy corner nest. The mat is an ideal sleeping pad for all kinds of animals, and also helps prevent skin decay for reptiles.

Contributes to a Clean Cage / Terrarium Environemnt: Our breathabe hemp mat absorbs moisture and odors, while repelling pests. Protects your pet from moisture and dirt.

For Ultimate Absorption and Odor Elimination, Add Hemp Bedding to Your Order: Our purchasing options include the ability to add a bale of hemp pet bedding to your order of Chanvra Pet Hemp Mats. Hemp mats and hemp litter - and their complimentary hydro properties - combine to make the perfect cage environment! Order a combo pack here.

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