How to Create a Bioeconomy

It's beginning to catch on that hemp - along with its cousin bio-fibers - can replace almost all of the synthetic products we currently depend on. Hemp, indeed, is one of the most versatile materials in the world. The theoretical possibilities with hemp fiber are virtually limit-less. There is almost nothing, that hemp cannot do. Much has been written about this; and we do not wish to delve into it any further at this time. The purpose of this post is to delve into a more direct and sobering question:

Why have these theoretical possibilities not all become practical realities? Why are we not all driving around in hemp cars, powered by hemp fuels, from one hemp building to the other, which are all equipped with hemp computers that run on hemp graphene? This is all "possible". But it is one thing to dream a dream, and another to manifest a reality. And one of the most sobering realities of our modern day, is that our modern day is driven by the market. Whether this should be, or not, is beside the point; it is our current reality, and if we wish to transform it, we must transform from within this context. And so the place to make change is in the market.

The world we can create - with hemp as our ally - is more magical and harmonious than most could ever realize. But we have to start at ground zero to get there. And ground zero is our purchasing decisions. We must "vote hemp with our dollar", to create a marketplace that supports simple hemp materials, and allows producers to grow and diversify from there. Only then can more hemp production facilities come online, and produce more diversified products. We all need to work together to make this dream a reality, and every Being has a role to play. And may I say, that we could not live in a more perfect time for this manifestation. I am so grateful for the pressures and struggles forced upon us in the year 2020, the wake up call that has forced us to reckon with our inherent partnership with Mother Earth, and that we cannot go any longer without re-examining it.