Hemp - The ancient fiber and grain crop

Hemp: A Gift to Humanity

Humanity could never have survived without hemp; it is perhaps mankinds oldest agriculturally domesticated crop. It produced nutritious, life-giving grain, as well as multi purpose fibers, which were used for ropes, sails, clothing, and so much more. Now, in the 21st century, we, also, will need hemp to survive.

Hemp Products and Materials We Make and Sell

Hemp Fiber Matting

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Chanvra Core: High Performance hemp hurds

Our Gold Standard Hempshives

The woody core of the hemp stem is an extremely absorbent and useful material. Our Chanvra Core brand is renowned for its unique level of quality and is considered the benchmark hempshive brand in North America. Chanvra Core is specifically designed for the construction industry, and has been featured in numerous high profile eco-construction projects in North America. Our hempshives are used as a vegetal aggregate to make a lightweight, insulative concrete called Hempcrete, or HempLime. These hempshives are also extremely popular for pet and animal care, and there are no doubt a number of other applications awaiting this high performance material.

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The Hemp Import and Distribution experts

The Transitional Supply Chain

With 30+ years in the transportation industry, our team is perfectly equipped to help move the wheels of the hemp and biomaterials industry. Since 2016, we have handled millions of pounds of hemp imports and have established streamlined transportation solutions. As hemp begins to be cultivated in North America, we are perfectly positioned to help connect growers, processors, and buyers. Get in touch to see how we can work together,

Hemp: The Gateway Crop for Ecological Regneration

Our Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

The Chanvra passion is to use hemp to regenerate regenerative agriculture (the farming style of our ancestors)! Hemp Agroforestry is the most aggressively regenerative model of agriculture on the planet. Agroforestry is where you grow trees and annual crops together. Our Hemp Agroforestry Research Center is a proving ground for the amazing future we can create by combining hemp farming with the agroforestry traditions of our ancestors. The goal is to leave behind old growth food forests. But we start by growing hemp. We are working with farmers across the US Midwest and the world to plant and process tens of thousands of acres of industrial hemp. Developing markets for these hemp materials is what makes our dream of Hemp Agroforestry possible!

Hemp Agroforestry