Industrial Hemp - The ancient fiber and grain crop

A Gift to Mankind

Cannabis hemp is perhaps mankinds oldest agriculturally domesticated crop, and was cultivated by the Founding Fathers of America. The fibers from the stalks were used for ropes, sails, clothing, and so much more. Today Industrial Hemp is being explored as a sustainable material to help mankind transition to a more ecologically friendly way of living.

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The Transitional Supply Chain

We believe industrial hemp or similar natural materials could be grown in most of the United States. For now, we use quality imported materials to jumpstart the market. Our goal is to transition to work with local farmers and rebuild an American grown hemp industry, and our strategy is transitional.

  • Today Chanvra is known as the go-to source for the best imported hemp shives and bast fibers you can buy
  • always readily available almost anywhere in North America.
  • Our customer base proves that there is a market for natural materials, so more farmers can grow more hemp.

Hemp Products and Materials We Make and Sell

Hemp Fiber Matting

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Aubiose: High Performance hemp hurds

Our Gold Standard Hempshives

The woody core of the hemp stem is an extremely absorbent and useful material. We sell the Aubiose brands, which are renowned for their unique level of quality, and considered the benchmark hempshive brand in the world. The Kanabat derivitave is specifically designed for the construction industry, and has been featured in numerous high profile eco-construction projects in North America. Our hempshives are used as a vegetal aggregate to make a lightweight, insulative concrete called Hempcrete, or HempLime. These hempshives are also extremely popular for pet and animal care, and there are no doubt a number of other applications awaiting this high performance material.

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regenerative agriculture, Agroforestry, & Permaculture

Hemp as the Gateway Crop

The Chanvra passion is to use hemp to regenerate regenerative agriculture (the farming style of our ancestors)! Hemp Agroforestry is where you grow trees and annual crops (like hemp) together. At our Hemp Agroforestry Research Center, we are planting a hemp food forest and protecting an old growth forest. We believe there are many interesting ways industrial hemp can be incorporated into a permaculture homestead. But we also encourage all of our neighbors to grow hemp, whether in a rotated monoculture, part of a larger cooperative, or a small garden for salds!